Judgment Recovery and Enforcement

Have you won a judgment in court?

Do you need help enforcing it?

We don't actually collect judgments, we enforce them.  A judgment is a
court order for the debtor to pay an obligation to the creditor.  Just
because the Court gave you a piece of paper called a 'Judgment', it
doesn't mean the Court will do anything to assist or help you make sure
the debtor complies with that court order.  The Court will enforce the laws
regarding the Judgment but that is the extent of their involvement.  We are
Judgment Professionals.  We use every remedy available to Creditors
under the Enforcement of Judgments Law to enforce valid judgments in

Judgments are assigned to us on a contingency fee basis.

You pay nothing up front.
We are like PitBulls after your money
Minimum judgment amount $5,000
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